Signs that a Guy Really Loves You

Men are not particularly good at expressing their emotions. Most of them are not really good with compliments that actually sound sincere, and believe it or not ladies, we’re not the only ones who worry about coming off sounding like a babbling lunatic when we are really trying hard to make a good first impression!

Men have admitted to experiencing actual physical pain from being so nervous and trying to play it cool around a lady he’s particularly interested it. TOO cool sometimes. A lot of guys have actually lost the attention of a female because he tried to be too nonchalant and she read this as him not being interested. But ladies, try to look past the swagger and the juvenile antics and realize that just maybe he’s actually trying to impress you!

Here are some tell-tale signs that he really is into you, and please ignore the straws-up-the-nose walrus impression that’s been his ice-breaker since the second grade.

Signs that a Guy Truly Loves You