The Top 5 Best College Pranks of All Time

When people hear the word “college” they automatically think of filling out endless financial aids applications, studying for tests, booze parties, and lots of friends getting together and enjoying life. What most people don’t think about is the opportunity to take part in infamous college pranks. If you weren’t a part of any college pranks while attending a university, middle-college, community college, trade school, or whatever, then it is fair to say that you missed out on one of the best parts of being a college student.

Here are just a few of the greatest college pranks of all time:

Yale’s “We Suck” Prank on Harvard University

In 2003, a small group of Yale students decided to try pulling off a stunt at the annual Yale-Harvard football game. They failed, but kept plugging away at their plan. On November 20, 2004, they succeeded!

Pretending to be the “Harvard Pep Squad” (totally fictitious) they talked more than 1,800 Harvard University students and fans into holding up cards that spelled out “WE SUCK”. The fans thought they were holding signs that said GO HARVARD. It’s been more than ten years, but this remains the greatest college sports prank of all time.